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Alkaline Magnetic Water is assisting to overcome many human ailments including gout, eczema, lupus, muscle cramps and psoriasis.  The results are simply amazing.


Alkaline Magnetic Water has an alkalinity of 160 mg/L providing significant health benefits including hydration, detoxification and blood oxygenation.


Alkalising your body assists to balance body PH levels which are often acidic as a result of high acid diets, stress and exposure to environmental toxins.


Do you know what is in the water you and your family are drinking?  If you knew you would be buying ours!

Alkaline Magnetic Water’s N.A.T.A. accredited Scientific Analysis demonstrates it’s unique health benefits.

  • Alkalinity/Bicarb. HCO3 – 160 mg/L

  • Silica – 64 mg/L

  • Lithium – 640 ug/L

  • Strontium – 150 ug/L

  • Calcium – 32 mg/L

  • Potassium – 13 mg/L

  • Magnesium – 31 mg/L

  • Chlorine – 0 mg/L

  • Fluoride – 0 mg/L


Staying hydrated plays a crucial role in maintaining overall wellness. Now let’s read what world-renowned biochemist Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg once said about alkalinity, and the part it plays in achieving better health.

In his ground-breaking research, Warburg found that all forms of unhealthy cells are characterized by two basic conditions: high acidity and lack of oxygen. In fact, alkalinity implies higher concentration of oxygen molecules, according to Warburg. He explains that when water molecules split, “if there is an excess of H+, [it] is acidic; if there is an excess of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.” Lack of oxygen is a very serious and dangerous environment for a cell. Even if you deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for just 48 hours, it may become damaged.

For better health, Warburg insists that cells need an alkaline environment. Since unhealthy cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, they cannot survive in an alkaline environment. This is why it is crucial to consume an alkaline diet with negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).


“You have not created a new water, you have created a new medicine”

Dr. Zenon Gruber

“We can’t thank you enough. Lucas’s eczema has been quite an ordeal for him both physically and mentally for many years. Your recommendation of three bottles a day of your Magnetic Water took only approximately three months to completely cure him of the eczema. Simply remarkable! Only wish we took pictures of before and after!”

Bob Dyring

“I recently spent four weeks vacation with my sister at Rye on the Mornington Peninsula where she introduced me to Magnetic Water. I have suffered from dreadful cramps for many years but when I drank the water they went away. At first I did not believe it was the water but change of climate. I live in Florida. Since arriving home the goddamm cramps have flared again. Are you going to sell the water in the US? If not is there anyway you can ship to me? It is an amazing product.”


“I have suffered with Crohn’s disease for about 2 years taking medication with numerous side effects and continuous lack of energy. When my girlfriend introduced me to your magnetic water, I couldn’t have been more sceptical. I would have bet 1,000 to 1 odds against the water helping me at all. Imagine my surprise when my acid reflux disappeared within a week, and my fatigue disappeared in a couple of weeks. How could that be?
My doctor told me that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. How could something as your magnetic water fix my problems in weeks? I am going to refer to magnetic water as MIRACLE WATER even though I don’t like the term, as it hints of promotional hype. The reality is that your magnetic water without doubt in my case helps removes acid from my body so that it can heal itself. Just amazing! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you and magnetic water giving me a healthy life back.”


Hi there, It’s Andrew here I spoke to you today on the phone regarding your Magnetic Water. I am a big believer in natural health remedies and how the earth works with us and our consciousness. I was first introduced to your product about two years ago in Mt Eliza after having Colon Hydrotherapy, at the roundabout on Humphreys Road shops. I have no doubt that your water has had a vast change in my bodies well being. Kind regards Andrew


Dear Ray,

My sister Heather is a customer of yours in Melbourne, who no longer suffers side effects from her chemo treatment since drinking your water.  I did not believe her at first but am now convinced since her treatment last week when I was with her, can I order your water for delivery here in Auckland?


Hi Ray

I’m looking forward to catching up and stocking up on Magnetic Water.

I haven’t chased you because I’ve taken the opportunity to experience the long term effects of tap water on my health after such a long time drinking Magnetic Water to determine it hasn’t just been a ‘positive mental attitude’ influenced by wanting it to work to prove the definite benefit of drinking Magnetic Water, from reducing headaches, eradicating acid regurgitation (reflux) to a general feeling of wellbeing despite the Parkinson’s disease.


Ray when I read the introduction to the new idea of yours to add lemon, honey and cinnamon to magnetic water, I immediately thought wow what a great idea to get all those ingredients together would be a fantastic health benefit product. Mag water has been proving to be extremely health giving for a few years now, backed up by the emails and letters from the public who have found big benefits to their health. For aeons natural health practitioners have been using the combination of lemon, honey and cinnamon to maintain health. So the combination of all of these components with your water, I have no doubt you should undoubtedly have a magic brew. All the so-called sports drinks on the market are not exactly healthy, sugar sugar! Yours will beat those hands down!

Good luck with this Ray, it’s a winner! when can I get some????


Hi Ray,

Apoligise for not getting back to you earlier.

I did what you suggested and stopped drinking your water for a few days and yes the numbness and tingling in my legs returned. I have started drinking the water again and the numbness and tingling has gone again. Your water is very special and giving me a lot of comfort.


Hi Ray

I am having horrible leg cramps in bed in the early mornings again, despite taking lots of magnesium and other minerals – can I get a regular plentiful supply of Mag Water, say 10 dozen per month, for it’s proven to be the only relief I get.


Hi Ray,

As I explained, for years I have had this reoccurring fungi skin infection during the summer months. No doctor’s prescribed creams or antibiotics have ever helped, just keeps coming back each summer!

I owe you an apology because when you told me it was because my body was full of acid and that I had to get back to being alkaline I thought you were just selling snake oil re your magnetic water.

No infection this year! I am convinced that you telling me to drink 4 bottles a day is the reason I have no infection. This is the only change I have done in my diet is add your water. Feel free to tell anyone or publish my letter.

Thank you so much Dr Ray and Magnetic Water for relief I have waited for so long!



Clean water is a necessity for healthy living, but locating this critical resource can sometimes be challenging.

Clean tap water is often infested with chlorine, harmful bacteria and unwanted chemicals and contaminates.

Alkaline Magnetic Water is how pure water should be. You will love drinking this water, especially knowing that it’s benefiting you instead of harming you.

A recent statistic by World Health Organisation (WHO) showed that approximately 4000 children die daily from water-borne diseases for lack of pure potable water.